2021 Negotiations Update

Date: Sun, Mar 21, 2021, 5:01 PM
To: <jtauvette@unifor1999.ca>

Unifor Local 1999 Contract Negotiations 

Unifor local 1999 Members 

Your negotiations committee maintains interest in keeping the members up to date on the progress of your 2021 contract negotiations.
Week two of talks were held in London, Ontario starting on Monday March 15/21 in the morning then wrapping up the week as of 730pm Friday March 19/21. The union and the company were not able to agree on the entire docket of non monetary issues therefore the remaining items were rolled over into the monetary side of the conversation. To date your committee has worked diligently on the non monetary items, spending this week engaged in the monetary items. Our next meeting dates will be March 25,26/21 on the friday we will be joined by a conciliator.

The local union is recommending everyone stay tuned for another communication sometime between Friday March 26/21 and Monday March 29/21   

We remind all the local 1999 members that what goes on at the negotiation table does stay confined to that space until such time we reach an agreement.  At which point a memorandum of agreement will be drawn up to be provided for the purpose of a contract vote.

            Key points 

Reliance was the party who filed for conciliation (Conciliation is a process by which a conciliation officer is appointed by the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development to meet with the union and the employer to attempt to conclude a collective agreement.)

We have not reached a settled agreement on the non monetary or the monetary items 

All of the previously mentioned information is or can be a normal part of the bargaining process, the union will advise on further steps as required.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic any voting will likely be done through a confidential email voting system endorsed and used by UNIFOR.
Please pay attention to your email and remind all those who have not provided an email that there may be membership meetings called (some may be with short notice) to be done through the local 1999 ZOOM account.

Also the Local has made public communications that anyone who has not given us a personal non shared non company email address it is understood that they are under their own free will giving up the ability to participate in this process.

In Solidarity 
Your Local 1999 negotiations committee