Health and Safety


Unifor Local 1999, Health & Safety Mission Statement

“Unifor Local 1999, the Board, Stewards and Joint Health & Safety Committee Members believe that
Health and Safety is paramount in our continually changing environment, it alters the way we view our
day to day activities, both on the job and off. From the humble beginnings of CEP Local 1999, to the
evolution of Unifor Local 1999. Health & Safety has played a major role in our success, not only for our
Membership both past and present, but also for our Customers, the Venders that support us, and the
General Public


Unifor Local 1999 is leading the way into the next decade, with a focus on Skills Development,
Education and Health & Safety, for our Members from Windsor to Thunder Bay "


In Solidarity

Matt Walker
Unifor Local 1999
Health & Safety Officer