UNIFOR Local 1999 

2021 Contract Negotiations 


 UNIFOR Local 1999 Members 


Your negotiations committee wants to keep everyone up to date on the current standing of the 2021 round of bargaining.

We received confirmation on Friday February 26/21 at 11 am that negotiations would be in Kingston starting Monday March 1/21. 


    The five days of negotiations in Kingston started with introductions of both parties and a preliminary overview of both parties' proposals (company and union), at which point the non-monetary proposals were separated from monetary as is common practice. 

  It is common practice to negotiate non-monetary proposals first, which at this point in time we have not yet come to an agreement. 

We wish to inform all the local 1999 members that what goes on at the negotiation table does stay confined to that space until such time we reach an agreement.  At which point a memorandum of agreement will be drawn up to be provided for the purpose of a contract vote. 


            Key points  


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic any voting will likely be done through a confidential email voting system endorsed and used by UNIFOR. 

Please pay attention to your email and remind all those who have not provided an email that there may be membership meetings called (some may be with short notice) to be done through the local 1999 ZOOM account. If you are not familiar with the zoom platform please email Frank Wall for assistance 


In Solidarity  

Your Local 1999 negotiations committee