To All Members

As of 2:00pm April 12th, the union has made several passes to the company in the form of withdrawing a large number of non monetary proposals and discussion items. At this point, the company has not altered their position in any way from their original proposals. The union has also put forward, as per the company’s wishes, proposals for a tiered CBA for new hires. The union’s proposals for new hires were based on and in line with company comparators.

Kelly and Rahim met with Kevin and Bruce to advise us that the company is considering Monday April 16th 12:01 AM as a firm bargaining deadline. Kelly also advised that at 3:00 PM today the company would communicate to the employees that they will be taking the trucks back.

The union’s position is that we are here to bargain to get a fair and equitable deal for all members. Kelly advised that they would be tabling a final offer, however they would like to continue bargaining beyond that point. (We don’t get it either).

At this point, we are waiting for the company to call us back with responses to our position regarding new hires. When asked if the deadline meant they would lock employees out, Kelly said it is the deadline but would not say they intend to lockout.

Stay tuned, we are here and may be all weekend with the intent of reaching a fair and equitable deal as per the members mandate.

Mr Slinger’s phone message contradicts the union’s position to keep bargaining until we reach an agreement. It would appear that the message implies a potential lockout, given his statement about calling in to see if you will be required to work on Monday. The company refuses to confirm whether or not they will exercise their right to lock employees out.

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To All Members

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